FEPAC Call for Comments on Proposed Crime Scene Investigation Standards

Posted September 2, 2020
Pursuant to the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC) Policies & Procedures, Policy 1.4 Scope of Accreditation, FEPAC promotes academic quality through the formal accreditation of forensic science programs in the United States and abroad.  FEPAC Policy 1.5 Expansion of the Scope of Accreditation provides the process for FEPAC to expand the scope of forensic science education programs beyond currently accredited programs to include disciplines other than forensic science, natural science with a concentration in forensic science, digital forensic or computer science with a concentration in forensic science.
Based on surveys conducted over the past several years, FEPAC determined the need for standards for and has developed proposed standards for Crime Scene Investigation at the undergraduate level.
FEPAC is soliciting comments on its draft-proposed standards for Crime Scene Investigation. The standards follow the format of the FEPAC standards for Criminalistics, Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Biology, and Digital Evidence. FEPAC assembled a subcommittee of academics and practitioners to draft, discuss, and modify these proposed standards. What is presented in the document located at this link FEPAC Crime Scene Investigation is the subcommittee’s and FEPAC Commissioners’ consensus for undergraduate programs. FEPAC welcomes your comments and suggestions. You may also view the undergraduate track side-by-side comparison of all undergraduate standards at the link FEPAC Undergraduate Side-by-Side.
Please direct your comments prior to November 6, 2020 to Nancy J. Jackson, Accreditation Coordinator and Outreach Coordinator njackson@aafs.org.
Thank you.

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